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We are a manufacturer of high pressure water blast products for industrial cleaning. We acknowledged a need for something new in this industry. Many parts and components of high pressure water blast products have been improved over the years, but there have not  been many advancement in nozzles. Nozzle Dynamics is meeting that need by bringing new and innovative products to the marketplace. Our first line of nozzles is the Vortex-Jet, with more to come.

The design of the Vortex-Jet nozzle originated in oil and gas industry. It was used to bore through rock for enhanced energy recovery. Now tailored for industrial tube cleaning, the nozzle creates a swirling vortex of fluid that exits the front of the nozzle to create a shearing action on the debris that restricts fluid flow in the tubes. It has no moving parts. This makes the Vortex-Jet a highly reliable product with repeatable outcomes, which increases productivity on the job.

Nozzle Dynamics is based in Bowling Green, Ky. Our facility in Bowling Green is where we run research & development, testing and manufacturing. We’ve design and tested more than 200 nozzles.

Contact us to discuss your needs. Nozzle Dynamics offers consulting, design, testing, and manufacturing services to help create your custom solutions for your high pressure water blast applications.

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We offer several new and innovative products with industrial application in tube and exchanger cleaning and hydro-excavation.

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